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Frequently Asked Questions


Should I deploy Netreo as a virtual or hardware appliance?

How much traffic will Netreo add to my network?


Why does the login page for Netreo say that the connection is not secure?

External Threats

Is Netreo vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL?

Is Netreo vulnerable to the ShellShock BASH exploit?

Is Netreo vulnerable to the Ghost exploit?

Is Netreo vulnerable to the Venom exploit?

Is Netreo vulnerable to the Intel AMT/ISM exploit?

Is Netreo vulnerable to the SambaCry exploit?

Is Netreo affected by the Intel Meltdown/Spectre kernel memory vulnerabilities?

Is Netreo affected by the DHCP Command injection vulnerability?

Is Netreo affected by any of the known SSH vulnerabilities?

Graphs and Reports

Why does the MAX value in the legend not show up in the graph?

What does it mean when Netreo shows that a device poll time is “slow?”


Can a URL be monitored without specifying a device?

How do I monitor a cluster of Windows Servers?

Why is there a notification delay after an alarm recovers?

Does Netreo’s Looking Glass feature support non-Cisco network devices?

Netreo says my Cisco device configuration is not saved, but it is. What’s happening?

Why does the last reboot time for a device listed in Netreo show a different time than the device itself does?

How do I use WMI management through a firewall?

When using WMI, do I have to give administrator privileges to the user account?

When monitoring Windows services I get a “WMI: Generic failure” or “ERROR: Login to remote object” message. What’s wrong?

How is device latency determined in Netreo?

Configuration and Setup

Why does Netreo sometimes show over 100% utilization on some interfaces?

What is the blackhole action group used for?

Why am I getting a zlib1.dll error when trying to deploy a virtual instance of Netreo?

Web Browsers and User Interface

Which web browsers are compatible with Netreo?

Why are email alerts formatted strangely in Outlook 2010?

Mobile Application

Can I include a comment when acknowledging/de-acknowledging an incident through the mobile app?

What does the HA icon on the mobile app home screen represent?

Are there any functional differences between the Android and Apple versions of the Netreo mobile app?

As a Netreo administrator, how do I revoke a users ability to use the mobile app?

Does the Netreo mobile application respect user partitions?