Alert Roll-Up (Dashboard Widget)


This widget shows the number of service and threshold monitoring checks that are in the OK, ACKNOWLEDGED, WARNING or CRITICAL state (checks in the UNKNOWN state are not displayed).

Display Mode

This widget has only a single display mode that will stretch horizontally to fill the space provided by the chosen dashboard layout.


This widget consists of four elements: A numerical status display across the top and three thermometer status panels, one for each check type. All sections follow the standard Netreo color convention for status: Green = OK, blue = ACKNOWLEDGED, yellow = WARNING and red = CRITICAL.

The numbers across the top of the widget display the combined total number of service and threshold checks in the OK, ACKNOWLEDGED, WARNING and CRITICAL state.

Aggregate check status.

Below the aggregate number display, check status is split into panels for host availability service checks (HOSTS), service checks (SERVICES) and threshold checks (THRESHOLDS). Within each panel, the relative number of checks in each of the states mentioned above is visualized using a thermometer display. This quickly gives an indication of the relative “health” of that check type.

Thermometer display.

The number next to the check type in each panel indicates the total number of checks of that type that currently exist in Netreo, while the numbers below the thermometer display indicate exactly how many of those checks are currently in each state.

Selecting the thermometer display in either the HOSTS or SERVICES panels navigates to the Hosts & Services Status page. Selecting the thermometer display in the THRESHOLDS panel navigate to the Exceeded Thresholds page.


The Email widget is added to a dashboard on the Customize Dashboards page (Administration > Users > Custom Dashboards).

Only one widget of this type may be added to a dashboard.

There are no configuration options for this widget.

After adding the widget and saving your options, remember to save the dashboard for its display to be updated.

Updated on October 26, 2020

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