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Bandwidth Utilization (Dashboard Widget)


The Bandwidth Utilization widget collects and displays bandwidth utilization data based on a selected interface tag.

Display Mode

This widget has two display modes, wide and narrow. The widget automatically chooses the mode based on the layout of the dashboard it is placed in. Narrow mode arranges the display vertically instead of horizontally. The following images show the wide and narrow display modes, respectively.

The Bandwidth Utilization widget as it appears in a wide dashboard layout.
The Bandwidth Utilization widget as it appears in a narrow dashboard layout.

Display Options

The widget can be displayed using one of two indicator styles: Simple or detailed, as seen below. The style selected affects all indicators in that widget.

Simple interface style

Detailed interface style


The Bandwidth Utilization widget consist solely of a collection of identically configured indicator panels, one for each interface to be displayed. The contents of the panels are slightly different depending on whether you selected the simple or detailed display configuration option.

The simple option includes a configurable label for the interface, the percentage of that interface’s total capacity currently being used and the absolute value of that percentage, displayed in bits per second.

The detailed option expands upon the simple option by including clickable links to the dashboards of the monitored device to which the interface belongs and the site device group to which that device belongs. It also shows the uptime percentage for the device over the previous 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days.


Bandwidth Utilization widgets are added to a dashboard on the Customize Dashboards page (Administration > Users > Custom Dashboards).

Multiple widgets of this type may be added to a dashboard, each with their own configuration.

When adding a Bandwidth Utilization widget to a dashboard, there are several options that need to be configured before the widget can be used. After adding the widget to a dashboard, save the dashboard and then select the gear icon on the widget to open the options pop-up dialog.

The fields and their descriptions are outlined below.

    Select the Netreo interface tag that has been assigned to the interfaces that you wish displayed in the widget. See Interface Tags for more information about assigning and managing interface tags in Netreo.
    Select the indicator style to be used for all interfaces displayed in this widget. Options are Simple or Detailed.
    If you selected Simple for the LEVEL OF DETAIL field above, select the label style for identifying an interface in the widget display. Options are Interface Description, Interface Name, Device Name or Site. If you selected Detailed for the LEVEL OF DETAIL field above, this field is not shown.

After adding the widget and saving your options, remember to save the dashboard for its display to be updated.

Updated on February 4, 2021

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