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How to Add a Service Engine to Netreo

Adding a service engine to Netreo is easy. Netreo itself will do most of the hard work. Just follow the steps below.

(The use of service engines requires that port TCP 443 be open. Only users with SuperAdmin permissions may add service engines to Netreo.)

  1. Deploy a new instance of the Netreo virtual appliance to act as the new service engine. (You can use the same hyperlink that you used to download your original Netreo appliance. This link was included in the email containing your Netreo license pin number.)
    1. Deploy the VA according to the instructions for your chosen virtual environment below, but DO NOT proceed to the setup wizard when finished. Once the VM is running, return here and continue to the next step.
    2. Decide on an IP address that you want to use for the new service engine.
    3. Configure the VA to use the new IP address using the instructions below.
  2. Now you must add the service engine to Netreo and assign it some services to run.
    1. Log in to your regular Netreo and navigate to the Service Engine Administration page (Administration > System > Service Engines).
    2. Click the Add Service Engine button.
    3. On the page that appears, enter the IP address of the service engine VA you just deployed, give it a useful description and select the resource (service) type.
    4. Click Save.
  3. Your new service engine is added to the Service Engines table.
  4. Netreo will automatically communicate with the new service engine and finish the configuration on both sides.
  5. Configure any devices on your network that normally push the associated data to Netreo (traffic flow and logs) to push it to the new IP of the service engine.

You’re finished.

All resource data of the type associated with the selected service will now be collected and processed by the service engine, but will still appear and be used in Netreo just as before.

You can deploy as many separate service engines as you like, and each service engine can run multiple services. Just remember to configure your devices that push data to send it to the IP address of the correct service engine. To configure multiple services to run on the same service engine, just click the Add Service Engine button again and select the new service to be run.

Updated on October 14, 2020

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