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How to Assign Devices to a Service Engine

Assigning managed devices to service engine is very simple. Just follow the steps below.

Before you start, you’ll probably want to create a functional group to hold all of the devices that you want to assign to the service engine in question, and then assign those devices to that group. This step isn’t strictly necessary, but it does make things more convenient.

  1. From the Netreo main menu, select Administration > System > Service Engines to open the Service Engine Administration page.
  2. Click the Assign Devices to Remote Pollers/Collectors button to open the Assign Devices to Remote Poller/Collector Service Engines page.
  3. Select a functional group to narrow the device selection options to the devices in that group.
    • Selecting “None” will display all devices that do not belong to a functional group.
    • Selecting “Everything” will all devices that belong to any functional group.
  4. Use the Search box to filter the devices, if necessary. (Selected devices will remain selected while the list is filtered.)
  5. Tick the checkbox next to the device name to select it, or tick the checkbox in the column header to select all devices in the list.
  6. From the dropdown below the device list, select the service engine to which the devices should be assigned. (Devices are allowed to be assigned to different service engines for different functions.)
  7. Click the Assign Selected Device(s) button to assign the devices to the service engine.

Netreo will now task that service engine with collecting and processing data for the selected devices.

Updated on October 14, 2020

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