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How to Deploy a Netreo Virtual Appliance Using Microsoft Hyper-V

Once you’ve received your email containing your pin, evaluation license and deployment link, you’re ready to deploy Netreo into your virtual environment.

For Microsoft users, Netreo is provided as a compressed directory file containing a prebuilt instance of an Netreo Hyper-V virtual machine ready for import.

When you are ready to deploy Netreo through your Hyper-V Manager, follow these instructions.

  1. Download the Netreo virtual appliance file (tbd) to a convenient place on your virtualization server.
  2. Extract the compressed directory (right-click and select Extract All…). You will be deleting both the file and the extracted directory later, so any convenient working location is fine for the extraction.
  3. On your virtualization server, make sure you are logged in with an Administrator account, then open Hyper-V Manager (from the Windows Start menu, click Start > Administrative Tools > Hyper-V Manager).
  4. From the navigation pane of Hyper-V Manager, click on the computer running Hyper-V to connect to the local virtualization server.
  5. Click “Import Virtual Machine…” in the Actions window on the right, or right-click on the highlighted computer and select Import Virtual Machine… from the menu, to begin the import wizard.
  6. If you are greeted with the “Before You Begin” window—when you are ready to proceed, click Next. Otherwise, just skip to the next step.
  7. Browse to the location of the directory you extracted earlier and click Next.
  8. Click on the Netreo virtual appliance to select it and click Next.
  9. For Import Type, choose “Copy the virtual machine (create a new unique ID).” Click Next.
  10. Specify where to store the virtual machine files. Either specify your own locations or use the defaults. Click Next.
  11. Specify where to store the imported virtual hard disks. Either browse to your own location or use the one provided by the dialog (recommended). Click Next.
  12. In the summary window, confirm all of your selected options. Click Finish to complete the wizard, or click Previous to make changes.
  13. Once the copying process completes, a new Netreo virtual machine should be available in Hyper-V Manager in the window labeled Virtual Machines.
  14. In the Actions window on the right, under your Netreo virtual machine, click “Start,” or right-click on the Netreo virtual machine and select Start from the menu, to start the virtual machine.
  15. The virtual machine will begin to boot (this process takes roughly 60 – 90 seconds).

Once you know that your Netreo virtual machine is working properly, you may delete the downloaded file and extracted directory.

If you would like to change the IP address of the Netreo VM before running the setup wizard, see How to Change the Default IP Address of Netreo Through the VM Console.

Otherwise, start the VM and run the Netreo setup wizard.

Updated on October 13, 2020

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