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How to Edit a Device Template

If you want to edit an existing device template, you’ll first need to navigate to its editing page.

From Netreo’s main menu, select Administration > Templates to navigate to the Device Templates Administration page.
Once you’re in Device Templates Administration, find the device template you want to edit in the template list. Use the search box at the top of the list to filter the list. (Delete the contents of the search box and press the Return key to remove the filter.)


In the ACTIONS column of the appropriate device template, click the edit icon to open the device template’s editing page.

The ACTIONS column provides various options for working with device templates, including uploading to a cloud library, editing and cloning.

The editing page for a device template allows you to:

  • Change the template name.
  • Edit the stored authentication credentials.
  • Activate the running of autoconfiguration every time the device template is applied to devices (such as on rediscovery).
  • Add, edit or remove the following template components:
    • Host alert contacts
    • Active and passive service checks
    • Threshold or anomaly checks
    • Logging rules
    • Configuration management rulesets
  • View the types, subtypes, sites, categories, and individual devices the device template is assigned to. Links to edit these items are provided for each individual element in the ACTIONS column. The device list also displays what category and site each device belongs to.

You’ll need to click the Update button after editing anything in the Authentication Credentials section, but actions on template components are self contained and require no further action to update the template after editing.

Once you’re finished editing, if that device template is already applied to any of your managed devices, navigate back to the Device Templates Administration page using the arrow icon at the top left of the page and reapply your device templates.


Updated on October 15, 2020

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