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How to Enable Netreo API Access

In order to use any of Netreo’s built-in APIs, the Netreo API system must first be enabled.

To enable API access in Netreo:

  1. From the Netreo main menu, select Administration > System > API Access to open the API Administration page.
  2. Switch the ENABLE/DISABLE API ACCESS setting to ON.
  3. Optionally, to make your API calls more secure, switch the REQUIRE AUTHENTICATION setting to ON. Be aware that if you enable this feature, you will be required to also specify an API key in the API KEY field. This key will then be a required parameter in any calls to an Netreo API that do not include an alternate authorization method (see individual API docs for specifics).
  4. Click Save Preference Changes.

All Netreo APIs will become active. See the API documentation for information on how to access and use the available APIs.

Security Alert

Netreo recommends requiring authentication in API calls. Otherwise, any correctly formatted calls to an API will be honored.

Updated on November 2, 2020

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