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How to Reapply Device Templates to Devices After Making a Change

This article will show you how to reapply device templates to affected devices after making changes to an assigned device template.

If you’re not already there, navigate to the Device Templates Administration page by selecting Administration > Templates from the Netreo main menu.

Near the top of the page, click the Rediscover Devices and Apply Templates button to open the Repoll Devices page.


On the Repoll Devices page, select the strategic group containing the devices affected by the changed device template. This will narrow the selection options. Or, you can select “Everything” to show the devices in all strategic groups, “None” to show the devices not in any strategic groups, or “All Devices” to simply show every device in Netreo.


In the device selection grid that appears, place a checkmark next to the devices which you would like to repoll. Use the search box to filter the list if necessary. Currently selected devices will remain checked while searching or navigating through the pages of devices.

If you want the selected devices to be auto-configured during the repoll, switch the “Run Auto Configuration Rules” switch to ON. This will run any autoconfiguration rules available on the devices before reapplying the device templates.

Click the Rediscover Selected Devices button to schedule the repoll.

A message appears at the top of the page to let you know that Netreo has scheduled a repoll of those devices.

The repoll is subject to Netreo’s current polling queue and may take several minutes to complete. Please be patient.

You will not be returned to the Device Templates Administration page, but it is safe to navigate away and continue working with Netreo once the repoll has been scheduled..

Updated on April 28, 2021

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