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How to Upgrade Netreo to the Latest Major Version Release

When upgrading Netreo from one major version to another, it is not possible to skip major versions (i.e. you cannot go from version 10 directly to version 12). This is to protect the integrity of the data already on the system. It is, however, extremely important to make sure that whatever major version you are upgrading from is updated to the latest maintenance release before upgrading to the next major version release.

The following procedure will ensure a smooth upgrade to a new major version release of Netreo from the previous major version. (Updates and upgrades may only be performed by a user with SuperAdmin privileges.)

  1. Begin by navigating to the Netreo Update page. From the main menu select Administration > System > Updates.
  2. Now, make sure that your Netreo appliance is updated to the latest released code for your current major version (in this example 11).
  3. Once there are no more updates available, you are ready to upgrade to the next major version release of Netreo (in this example 12).
  4. Click the Update Now button to initiate the major version upgrade. (Yes, the button says “update”, but you are performing an upgrade.) Be sure to address any messages from Netreo regarding the proposed upgrade before proceeding (such as incompatible plugins, settings, etc.).

    Polling and monitoring will be temporarily disabled during the upgrade process. Please ensure that you have scheduled a maintenance window that covers all service monitoring (for at least 1 hour) before upgrading.

  5. Before the upgrade begins, you will be prompted to confirm the process. Make sure you have scheduled appropriate maintenance windows and are ready to begin the upgrade. Be sure to type CONFIRM into the dialog in all caps and click OK to allow Netreo to begin the upgrade process.
  6. Netreo will spend at least the next hour (depending on the size of your network) upgrading. Once this process begins, it cannot be stopped.
  7. When the upgrade is complete, you will see a completion message.
  8. You can then validate that the upgrade was successful by either navigating back to the Netreo Update page or navigating to the Help & Support page by clicking on the question mark (?) icon in the quick access icon menu at the top right of Netreo. The version number is displayed below the Netreo logo.
  9. Your upgrade to a new major version release is now complete. If you are upgrading through multiple major version releases, please repeat this process until there are no more updates for the major version you would like to use.
  10. Once you have finished upgrading to the major release version that you wish to use, you may stop any maintenance windows that you have scheduled for this upgrade event and begin using your new version of Netreo normally.
Updated on April 28, 2021

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