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Incident View Screen (Mobile App)

The Incident View screen provides detailed information about a specific incident, including details on the primary alarm and any related alarms for that incident. Touch an incident on the Incidents or Overview screens to open the incident here. You can acknowledge/de-acknowledge an incident from this screen by touching the Ack label in the top right corner of the screen.

The screen title shows the unique incident ID assigned to the incident. Below that is shown the device responsible for producing the alarm that opened the incident.

The next section provides details about the incident itself. The first row shows the type of monitoring check that opened the incident, along with its current alarm state. The next row shows the date and time the incident was opened and how long it’s been active. Below that is the incident description, as seen in any alert notifications sent out by Netreo. And below that is a set of indicators that display the current state of all monitoring checks associated with this incident (basically, the current state of the primary alarm and any related alarms.)

Acknowledgement Comments

At the moment, mobile users cannot include a comment when acknowledging/de-acknowledging incidents.

Primary Alarms
The next section shows information about the primary alarm of the incident. When closed, the panel shows the current alarm state of the primary alarm and the name of the device the alarm is associated with. (Please see the Incident entry in the documentation for your version of Netreo for more information.) To the right of the section title is displayed the date and time the alarm first occurred (which is not necessarily when the incident was opened). Touch the panel header to open the state log for the check that created the incident.

Related Alarms
As above, but for related alarms (alarms typically caused by the primary alarm).

Incident State Log
When closed, the incident state log panel shows the number of log entries in the panel header. Touch the panel to open the log (if the log is particularly long it may take some time to load).

Updated on October 20, 2020

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