Incidents (Dashboard Widget)


This Incidents dashboard widget displays a list of the 25 most recent incidents. It displays either all active incidents or only open incidents depending on its configuration.

Display Mode

This widget has two display modes, wide and narrow. The narrow mode includes only the incident title and incident duration columns in the table. The widget will automatically choose the correct mode based on the layout of the dashboard it is placed in. The following images show the wide and narrow display modes, respectively.

The Incidents widget as it appears in a wide dashboard layout.
The Incidents widget as it appears in a narrow dashboard layout.


This widget has only one component, the table listing the 25 most recent incidents of the configured type. Each table column is explained below.

This is the unique Netreo ID number for the incident. Click the ID number to navigate to the Incident View dashboard for that incident.

This is the title of the incident as it appears in alert notifications. Click the title to navigate to the Incident View dashboard for that incident.

This indicates the current state of the incident at the time of the last dashboard refresh.

This is the date/timestamp of when the incident was opened.

This indicates how long the incident has existed.

This is the length of time that occurred before the incident was acknowledged by a user.

This column shows a Tactical Overview-style display of the number of alarms contained within the incident and what their current status is.


The Incidents dashboard widget is added to a dashboard on the Customize Dashboards page (Administration > Users > Custom Dashboards).

Only one widget of this type may be added to any given dashboard.

When adding an Incidents widget to a dashboard, there are several options that need to be configured before the widget can be used. After adding the widget to a dashboard, click its gear icon button to open the widget options pop-up.

The fields and their descriptions are outlined below.

    This field determines which incidents will populate the table list. Select “Active Incidents” to see any active incidents. Select “Open Incidents Only” to see only open incidents.

After adding the widget and saving your options, remember to save the dashboard for its display to be updated.

Updated on October 26, 2020

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