NetFlow (Dashboard Widget)


The NetFlow dashboard widget displays a graph of traffic flow across a selected interface of a particular device over the previous 24 hours.

Display Mode

This widget has only a single display mode that will stretch horizontally to fill the space provided by the chosen dashboard layout.

Traffic flow for a specific interface of a device.


This widget consists of only a single component – a filled line graph displaying traffic flow in bits per second covering a period of the previous 24 hours.

Click and drag on the graph to select a smaller time period. The graph display zooms to the selected time period. Select Reset zoom to see the full graph again. The granularity of data within the zoomed area is subject to Neteo’s data retention capabilities.

The reference time at the top of the graph shows the last time the graph was refreshed.


NetFlow widgets are added to a dashboard on the Customize Dashboards page (Administration > Users > Custom Dashboards).

Multiple widgets of this type may be added to a dashboard, each with their own configuration.

When adding a NetFlow widget to a dashboard, there are several options that need to be configured before the widget can be used. After adding the widget to a dashboard, save the dashboard and then click the gear icon button on the widget to open the options dialog.

The fields and their descriptions are outlined below.

    Select the specific device for which you wish to display traffic flow. Only one device may be selected per widget.
    Select the specific interface for which you would like to display traffic flow. Only one interface may be selected per widget.

After adding the widget and saving your options, remember to save the dashboard for its display to be updated.

Updated on October 26, 2020

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