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Polling Administration

To open the Polling Administration page, select Administration > Change Device > Edit Pollers from the main menu.

The main administration page provides a list of device types that are currently configured in Netreo. To view the list of currently configured subtypes, click the View Subtypes button at the top of the page. New device types can be created by clicking the Create Device Type button. Click the Device Type Cloud Library button to browse the device types available for download in the Netreo cloud libraries.

The ACTIONS column on the left includes icons for uploading the device type to the Netreo cloud library, editing the type, and deleting the type. On the right, the device template currently assigned to that device is displayed (if one has been set). At the top of the list is a search box for locating a specific device type within the list. Enter a term and press Enter on your keyboard to search the list by type name. Delete the search box contents and press Enter to return to the full list.

Device Type Icons
When creating or editing a device type, the icon that you select in the TYPE IMAGE field to represent that device in Netreo dictates which dashboard personality will be used by the device dashboard.

Dashboard Personality Device Icon
WiFi Controller
Updated on October 6, 2020

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