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Virtualization (Dashboard Widget)


The Virtualization dashboard widget displays a list of monitored clusters along with the the health status of their hosts and guests.

Display Mode

This widget has only one display mode, regardless of dashboard layout. The table will stretch horizontally to occupy the space available.

The Virtualization widget as it appears in a wide dashboard layout.
The Virtualization widget as it appears in a narrow dashboard layout.


This widget has only one component, the cluster health table. This table is a tactical overview-style listing of the clusters Netreo is monitoring.

For each cluster in the list, the number of currently active hosts and guests is shown, along with aggregate health status for each group.

In the Hosts Status column, a row of health status indicators show how many monitoring checks (out of all check types assigned to all hosts) are in each status. (If no checks are in a particular state the indicator will appear faded.) The Guests Status column shows the same for a cluster’s guests. These columns provides an overall indicator of the health of a cluster.

This widget follows the standard Netreo color convention for the health status of checks.

  • Green = OK
  • Yellow = WARNING
  • Red = CRITICAL
  • Orange = UNKNOWN

Click a cluster name to navigate to its cluster dashboard. If any non-OK statuses are indicated in the status columns, clicking that indicator will also navigate to the cluster’s dashboard.

The “Search” box at the top right of the table functions as a realtime filter for the list of clusters. Entering even a partial term will instantly pare the list to only those clusters containing the search term in their name.


The Virtualization widget is added to a dashboard on the Customize Dashboards page (Administration > Users > Custom Dashboards).

Only one widget of this type may be added to a dashboard.

There are no configuration options for this widget.

After adding the widget and saving your options, remember to save the dashboard for its display to be updated.

Updated on October 26, 2020

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