Is OmniCenter affected by any of the known SSH vulnerabilities?

Short Answer

OmniCenter is NOT vulnerable to any of these exploits.

OmniCenter uses the OpenSSH networking utilities suite. In practice, the following vulnerabilities are not exploitable in OmniCenter. Additionally, users can disable SSH shell access entirely using the OmniCenter system preferences if they would like to eliminate these results from their vulnerability scans entirely.

These are not exploitable as they have to do with port forwarding, which is disabled in OmniCenter’s SSH implementation.

These are local user privilege escalation issues that are not exploitable as they require local shell access, which OmniCenter does not provide to any user.

This is a disputed CVE. OpenSSH does not consider it a vulnerability and therefore it is not fixed. The worst case scenario in any case is a local DOS of the SSH process which is resource limited.