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Device Administration

The OmniCenter device administration pages allow an administrator to view and configure the individual settings for a specific managed device. Every device discovered by OmniCenter receives its own set of associated administration pages, which are accessed using the “Edit” device menu on the Device Dashboard of the respective device. Each of the different administration pages listed below also includes this menu, allowing you to navigate from one administration page of a device to another without needing to return to the Device Dashboard.

The following device administration pages are available for each device:

  • Main – Basic device settings.
  • Alerting – Settings for host checks and host alert contacts, service checks and parenting.
  • Thresholds – Manages threshold checks for resource performance monitoring.
  • Authentication – Settings for authentication credentials for the respective device.
  • Instances – Instance management.
  • Advanced – Advanced device settings.
  • Documentation – Device-specific notes and information storage.

When viewing the settings on these pages, settings controlled by a device template will display a lock icon instead of an edit icon. Clicking the lock opens the edit page of the device template controlling that particular setting. (Be aware that if you do make any changes to an applied template, you will then have to navigate back to the administration pages manually—as the browser “back” button will not work once the device template has been updated.) Clicking the name of the device in the page header returns you to the Device Dashboard.

Updated on April 9, 2019

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