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Devices and Groupings Administration

The Devices and Groupings Administration page.

To open the Devices and Groupings Administration page: From the main menu, select ADMINISTRATION → View Devices.

The Devices and Groupings Administration page provides useful information about your OmniCenter license, devices and device groups in a single location.

The three panels at the top provide information on the number of devices in your network currently consuming licenses, the total number of device licenses available and expiration information on your current license. The expiration panel has a small gear icon that can be clicked to open the OmniCenter License Information page, where your current license can be updated or a new one requested.

Below the license information is the active device group list. Using the buttons at the top of the page, this list can be changed to display categories, sites or device types. For each member in the list the total number of managed devices assigned to that member is displayed, along with information on how many of those devices are currently polling for performance data. Next to each member’s name is an edit icon that opens the edit page for that particular member. The name of each member can be clicked to expand or collapse a sublist containing the individual devices assigned to that member. Within the device sublist, you are provided with icons to open the device dashboard or the main administration page for that device. On the right are listed the IP address of the device, and how many instances from that device are currently being polled. Just above the active device group list, at right, are two buttons. One opens the administration page for the type of items currently being listed (category, site and device type). The other collapses or expands the entire list.

Updated on April 9, 2019

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