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Feature Spotlight: Custom Dashboards

Editor's Note

This article originally appeared in the April 2018 edition of the Netreo Newsletter.

Welcome to the Netreo OmniCenter Feature Spotlight for April. This month, we’ll be taking a closer look at the OmniCenter 11 customizable dashboard system.

With the introduction of OmniCenter 11, we’re introducing a whole new dashboard building and customizing system that offers an unprecedented level of flexibility in configuring how OmniCenter displays information. Your new dashboards can then be populated with widgets that can be dragged into any order and configured to display the information you want. You can even choose between four different widget layout options for each dashboard, and even edit or change the default dashboards.

Dashboards now are available in several different flavors. The site and category dashboards are specialized to their particular group types, and can be assigned to a specific site or category. The site template will accept a variety of widgets specifically for displaying information relevant to a site. This is useful if you want different sites to prioritize the display of certain information. datacenter sites, for instance, may display different information than remote sites, or sites from different regions. Custom site dashboards can then be assigned to individual sites to immediately highlight the most important information about that type of site. Each custom dashboard will show up automatically when the site it’s assigned to is viewed. All this applies to dashboards built as category dashboards, as well. Dashboards for strategic groups are coming soon.

The generic dashboards allow you to create dashboards containing any kind of widget. These dashboards can be placed in the “Quick Views” menu for instant access, or assigned as the default dashboard for any user when they log in. You can quickly create any number of role-specific dashboards, such as management, engineering, or operations centers. Each dashboard could provide different information relevant to its intended user. Generic dashboards can even have access to them restricted by user access levels.

In addition to building your own custom dashboards, several of the original dashboards are now completely customizable, as well—and have all the same design options available to them that the custom dashboards do.

Updated on January 17, 2019

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