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How to Add a Device to a Strategic Group

This process allows you to add one or more devices to an OmniCenter strategic group.

To add devices to a strategic group device group in OmniCenter:

From the OmniCenter main menu, select Administration → Grouping → Strategic Group to open the the Strategic Group Administration page.

Determine which strategic group you would like to add devices to and in its ACTIONS column click the edit button to open the group’s edit page.

On the edit page for the group, click the Edit Devices for X button at the top of the second panel to open the device assignment page.

On the device assignment page:

  1. Select the strategic group containing the devices that you want to add to the new strategic group to narrow the selection options, or select “Everything” to show all devices in all strategic groups, “None” to show all devices not in any strategic groups, or “All Devices” to show all devices in OmniCenter.
  2. In the device selection grid that appears, place a checkmark next to the devices which you would like to add to the strategic group.
    • Use the search box to filter the list if necessary. Currently selected devices will remain checked.
  3. Click the Add >> button.

The selected devices will then show up in the “CURRENT DEVICES IN STRATEGIC GROUPS” column and a message will be printed to the top of the page indicating that the devices have been added. At this point, the devices are now in the respective strategic group and you may navigate away from the device assignment page.

Updated on January 22, 2019

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