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How to Disable a Device in OmniCenter

If you want to disable a device in OmniCenter without deleting it, you can stop the collection of status and performance information for the device, but leave its existing data intact for future reference. Disabling a device in this way will also stop it from counting against the number of licensed devices.

You will need to navigate to the device dashboard for the device that you wish to disable. This can be accomplished by clicking the name of the device in almost any dashboard. If you know the name of the device, you can search for it using the search icon on the right-side of the main menu.

On the device dashboard:

  1. From the device menus, select Edit → Main to open the “Main” device administration page.
  2. In the “Device Details” section:
    1. Switch the POLL DEVICE setting to OFF.
    2. Switch the HOST & SERVICE ALARMS setting to OFF.
    3. Click Apply Changes.

The device will remain listed in OmniCenter and maintain its configuration (and, of course, the device will still function within the network), but it will no longer be monitored, take up a license or count towards any strategic groups. It can then be re-enabled at any time, should you wish to resume monitoring.

Updated on November 2, 2018

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