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How to Update OmniCenter


Your OmniCenter appliance will need access to the Internet in order to check for software updates. If your OmniCenter cannot access the Internet, please contact Netreo Support to arrange for your software update using another method.

Incremental software updates are continuously available for both the “Stable” and “Early Feature Availability” release tracks of OmniCenter.

When an update is available, the update icon will appear in the quick-access icon group in the top right of the OmniCenter UI. Click this icon to either open the OmniCenter Update page to begin your update, or open the release notes page of the Netreo wiki. The update page can also be reached by selecting Administration → System → Updates from the main menu. Only administrator users or higher may perform software updates.

The update icon (shown in red) indicates that an update for OmniCenter is available. Click the icon for the option of starting the update or reading the release notes.

When the update page opens, OmniCenter will check with the Netreo update servers and inform you if a newer version is available. Updates will always be the latest release for the version of OmniCenter you are currently on. If you wish to install it, click the Update Now button. Note that software updates can take a few minutes. Please be patient during this process. If you would prefer to update later, you can navigate away from the update page at any time.

Updated on May 15, 2019

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