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Maintenance Windows

Maintenance windows allow managed devices to be taken offline for maintenance work without causing incidents to be opened. Once a maintenance window has been created, managed devices can be placed into it individually or in groups. Devices in maintenance windows are also displayed differently in dashboards, so you can easily tell which devices are currently in maintenance. Instead of any status indicators, the device will display as “In Maintenance” and show the maintenance icon next to its name.

When a device is placed into a maintenance window, any alarms generated by that device are prevented from opening incidents for the period the device remains in the window. (This means that no alert notifications will be sent, since there is no incident to initiate them.) Additionally, any downtime within the window is subtracted from the total possible uptime for the device. Therefore, a device that was down for four hours in one week, but only within maintenance windows, would still show 100% uptime for that week. If a device is still down when a maintenance window ends, any currently active alarms will again be allowed to open incidents as normal.

Maintenance windows can be added by power users, administrators and super admins, but not by basic users.

Currently scheduled maintenance windows can be viewed on the Active Maintenance Windows page (UTILITIES → Maintenance Windows).

There is no ADMINISTRATOR menu entry for scheduling maintenance windows. To open the Maintenance Window Schedules page, first open the Active Maintenance Windows page (above), and then click the Maintenance Window Administration button at the top right of the window. From there, you can choose to schedule one-time or reoccurring windows.

Updated on May 15, 2019

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