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Network Operations Center (NOC) Dashboard

From the main menu, select QUICK VIEWS → NOC View to open the Network Operations Center dashboard, or NOC View.

The Network Operations Center dashboard.

The NOC View in OmniCenter combines elements of the Current Incidents dashboard, the Geographic Map, and the strategic group and site dashboards into a single view, optimized for display on overhead monitors or projectors. It is designed to show only exceptions. So, if there are no incidents or alarm states in your environment, the display will be mostly empty. This allows you to instantly see from across the room any problems that need to be addressed. If there are too many issues to display in the spaces available, the lists will cycle automatically so that all issues can be seen. When the panels are full enough to cycle their displays, horizontal scrollbars give a reasonable idea of how many pages each panel is scrolling through and where in the cycle the current display is.

The NOC View has it own color scheme settings, separate from the system preferences. Click the gear icon next to the title near the top of the screen to access these settings. The refresh timer for the screen is adjustable, but may not be set below 30 seconds.

Updated on May 15, 2019

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