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OmniCenter Overview Cloud Libraries

The OmniCenter Overview libraries function in an identical way to the Netreo cloud libraries, except with the Overview acting as the repository for up- and downloads to and from its client OmniCenters. The Overview itself, however, is still able to connect normally to the Netreo cloud libraries. This allows the Overview to download modules from the Netreo cloud and then control distribution of those modules to its clients. Similar the Netreo cloud library operations, client OmniCenters can upload modules to the Overview libraries for redistribution to other clients. But, unlike the Netreo cloud, the approval process for modules uploaded to an Overview library is completely under the control of the Overview administrator.

Although client OmniCenters connected to an Overview may upload modules to their Overview’s libraries, they may not upload modules to the Netreo cloud libraries. Only the Overview itself may upload to the Netreo cloud.

Updated on April 23, 2019

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