Site Dashboard

The Site Dashboard showing aggregated health statistics for its member devices.

This dashboard looks and functions exactly like the Devices dashboard, but displays individual devices within a particular site instead of device groups. The dashboard can be accessed by clicking on a site name anywhere in OmniCenter. Individual users can specify in the user preferences whether they would like the devices in the tables sorted alphabetically or by number of problems (with the most severe and greatest number of problems filtering to the top).

The site dashboard also contains several tabs offering additional information:

Same as the Devices dashboard, but shows the devices within the respective site.

Displays traffic statistics for the selected site.

Displays a graphic topological map of the site. Clicking on a site in the Topology Map leads directly to this tab. Nodes of the map can be drilled into further by clicking their icons. Mouseover a node for information about that node.

The Trends tab seeks to identify devices in sites that are chronically problematic or consistently optimal performers. Includes a 12-month rolling view of health rate-of-change and total time-in-state. Sites that have more than 98% of their devices maintain an OK state for the month are considered optimal. Sites that have less than 98% of their devices maintain an OK state are considered degraded. Sites that have more than 95% of their devices in a non-OK state are considered chronic.

Updated on May 15, 2019

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