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Unauthenticated Pages

The login dialog for OmniCenter. Note the unauthenticated pages link at the bottom.

To allow administrators to more easily manage users and security, OmniCenter 11 introduced “unauthenticated” page access for certain pages. When activated, an unauthenticated page may have its content viewed by someone without needing to have an OmniCenter user account or be logged in. The OmniCenter login page now includes a link below the Log In button that opens the “OmniCenter Unauthenticated Pages” page. Here a user is presented with a list of OmniCenter pages that are available to view without logging in. Clicking a page in the list opens the unauthenticated version of that page. Attempting to navigate away from the unauthenticated page returns the user to the login page.

The following OmniCenter pages can have unauthenticated access activated for them:

  • Active Incidents (Which is the “Active View” tab of the Incident dashboard.)
  • Bandwidth Utilization dashboard
  • Email Application Performance dashboard
  • NOC View
  • Strategic Group Overview
  • Web Application Overview
Updated on April 9, 2019

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