Acknowledgment API

OmniCenter’s API system must be enabled to use this API. See, How to Enable OmniCenter API Access.

Calls to this API are made using HTTP/HTTPS and are sent as key/value pairs in a GET or POST request.


Netreo recommends always using POST for API calls if possible. If security is a concern we recommend the use of HTTPS and POST requests.


The resource accessed by this API is the state of an OmniCenter incident. Incidents are how OmniCenter tracks problems in your network. Acknowledging an incident lets everyone involved know that someone is working on the problem.

This resource offers the following endpoints:

  • Acknowledge Incident

Resource URL



Acknowledge Incident

Sets the incident state of the specified incident to ACKNOWLEDGED.


The parameters for this endpoint can be included as query string parameters in a GET request, or as request body parameters in a POST request.

String/Required if authentication is enabled.
The API key set in OmniCenter’s API Administration. Case-sensitive.

The unique identifier assigned to the incident by OmniCenter.

A name to associate this acknowledgement action with. Does not have to match an existing username in OmniCenter to be accepted (so an automated value like “Ticketing System” is acceptable).

A comment that will be added to the record of the acknowledgement in OmniCenter and sent out in any acknowledgement alerts. Limit of 255 characters.

Request Examples

Acknowledge Using GET with API Authentication Disabled 2074 created and assigned to jsmith

Acknowledge Using GET with API Authentication Enabled 2074 created and assigned to jsmith&password=PassWord1234


A successful call to this API will return a single binary value.

Response Example

Successful acknowledgment


Response Schema

Output Type Description
0 number Indicates the acknowledgement failed.
1 number Indicates the acknowledgement was successful.
Updated on July 1, 2019

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