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Category Device Groups

Categories are a type of device group that organizes your managed devices based on device class (such as routers, switches, or servers). OmniCenter provides several default categories for your convenience, but you can create any number of new categories to suit your organizational needs.

Every device managed by OmniCenter must belong to exactly one category. Any newly discovered devices not assigned to a category by an autoconfiguration rule—or whose device type cannot be determined by OmniCenter—are placed in the “New Devices” category by default, but can be assigned to another category at any time.

Any category can be deleted, including the defaults. However, if the default “New Devices” category is deleted, OmniCenter will recreate that category and place any newly discovered devices into it that aren’t automatically assigned to a category by an autoconfiguration rule.

Categories are created and managed on the Category Administration page (Administration → Grouping → Category).

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Updated on February 19, 2020

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