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Check Palo Alto FW HA State w/Repoll Check

Object Type: Service Check

Service Check Category: Firewall Checks

Passive: No

Description: This check monitors a Palo Alto firewall for active/standby HA status. If, when checked, the status of the firewall is determined to be different from the state specified in the check configuration, the check will enter a CRITICAL state and OmniCenter will schedule the host for a discovery poll to rediscover its instances.

Do not confuse this check with the Check Palo Alto FW HA State service check, which does not include the repoll functionality. Netreo best practices recommends adding this check to both the active and passive HA firewalls of the monitored network.


(Required) This field specifies the desired HA state of the firewall.

(Required) This field specifies a name for this check. The name entered must be unique among service check names on the host it is added to (the name may used again only on a different host). It is used to identify this specific check from among other service checks added to the same host.

Updated on November 22, 2019

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