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Check Windows Service Status Check

Object Type: Service Check

Service Check Category: System Checks

Passive: No

Description: (This service check does not work when applied directly to devices, it must be applied through a device template.) This service check creates multiple passive checks to monitor individual Windows services. The services to be monitored are defined using a partial-match and case-insensitive regular expression (e.g., entering “dns” in the SERVICES field will monitor all services with “DNS” anywhere in the name).

Use the wildcard “%%” (without quotes) in the SERVICES field to include all currently running Windows services. Note, however, that this wildcard does not discriminate, and “manual start” services will be included as well (probably not what you want). To account for this, make use of the “Windows Service Exclusion List” in the “Windows Server WMI” device type.

(This check is effectively the successor to the “Check Windows Auto Service Status” service check.)

Updated on November 22, 2019

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