Custom Dashboards

OmniCenter includes many dashboards through which it displays information. You can also create your own custom dashboards, allowing role-specific displays that each provide different information relevant to their intended user (management, engineering, command center, etc.).

There are two different basic types of dashboards that can be created in OmniCenter: Generic dashboards and device group dashboards. The details of these are outlined below.

Dashboards are made up of widgets. Widgets adapt to a dashboard’s layout and display in one of two modes – large or small. This means that any given widget may display more or less information depending on the layout of the dashboard.

All custom dashboards are managed on the Customize Dashboards page (Administration → Users → Custom Dashboards).

Generic Dashboards

Generic dashboards display a wide variety of data. They can use dashboard widgets of any type.

Generic dashboards are always found either in the Quick Views menu on the main menu or on the Other Dashboards page (Quick Views → Other Dashboards). The location in which a generic dashboard appears is configured in the “Generic Dashboards” table on the Customize Dashboards page (Administration → Users → Custom Dashboards).

Generic dashboards can also be assigned to individual users as their “home” dashboard, making it the dashboard they first see when logging in to OmniCenter (in place of the Consolidated dashboard) and where they will return when the Home navigation button is clicked. Custom generic dashboards can be assigned to users on the User Administration page (Administration → Users → Add/Edit Web Users).

Slide View

Any generic dashboard can be viewed in “slide-view mode” by clicking the slide-view control in the top right of the dashboard.

When in slide-view mode, the dashboard repeatedly scrolls through each widget it contains, with a few second pause between each. Controls at the top of the dashboard provide interactive control of the slide-view, allowing the display to be paused and manually scrolled through in either direction.

When dashboard widgets are displayed in slide-view mode, they expand to their maximum allowable size.

Device Group Dashboards

Device group dashboards display data about device groups. They can only use dashboard widgets specific to the type of device group for which they are built.

Normally, when you click on the name of any given device group in OmniCenter, that group is displayed using the default dashboard for the group type (category, site, business workflow). By creating a custom device group dashboard and assigning it to a specific device group, clicking that group’s name in OmniCenter will display the group using the new custom dashboard instead. This is useful for allowing different device groups of the same type to have different views into their data. For example, a dashboard for one business workflow could have a different layout and show different information than a dashboard for another business workflow. Or you might create a custom dashboard for large sites and another one for small sites, an assign them respectively.

The default dashboards for each device group type can also be customized. So, if you want to keep the default dashboard for a group type, but would like to tweak it to your own needs, you can do that as well. However, once a default dashboard has been customized, it cannot be reverted to its original design.

Updated on September 18, 2019

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