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Dashboard Zoom Interface Tag

OmniCenter allows administrators to create and apply their own network interface tags for identifying groups of device interfaces (typically for building reports). However, there is one tag name that has special significance in OmniCenter, the “Dashboard Zoom” tag. If a network interface on a device is tagged with the Dashboard Zoom tag, OmniCenter adds an additional “zoomed in” display for that interface on the Overview tab of its device dashboard.

The “zoomed in” display includes a line graph showing in/out bandwidth for the previous 24 hours, the current in/out bandwidth usage values as a percentage, current in/out errors per second values, and the interface bandwidth speed capability. (This is the same display you get on the Performance tab of the device dashboard if only one interface is being displayed.)

With no network interfaces tagged with Dashboard Zoom, the device dashboard of a router or switch looks similar to the image below.

The ALL INTERFACES table on the device dashboard of a router or switch.

When a network interface on a router or switch gets tagged with the Dashboard Zoom tag, a new set of displays is added above the ALL INTERFACES table, as below.

When a network interface is tagged with the “Dashboard Zoom” tag, an additional display for it is shown above the ALL INTERFACES tables.

Tagged interfaces still appear in the ALL INTERFACES table, but are now made to stand out from the other interfaces. The primary benefit of the zoom is the line graph, showing the shape of the interface’s performance over the previous 24 hours. This graph also indicates the peak value for that time.

The Dashboard Zoom tag is intended only for routers and switches, and will have no effect if applied to network interfaces of other devices.

See How to Manage Tags on Device Interfaces to learn how to add and remove tags.

Updated on May 13, 2019

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