Discovery Polls

A discovery poll is how OmniCenter interrogates a device to learn about the device itself, its location on the network, and to build or rebuild its interface and instance lists (seen the Instances section in the administrative view of the device dashboard).

Discovery polls typically need to be made after changes have been made to a device, either in OmniCenter or on the device itself.

There are several ways that a discovery poll can be initiated:

  • When a device is added to OmniCenter.
  • A manual repoll of a single device (Edit → Poll This Device from the device dashboard menus).
  • A manual discovery poll for single or multiple devices (Administration → Change Devices → Rediscover Devices in the main menu).
  • A scheduled discovery poll (Administration → Schedule → Discovery Polling in the main menu).
  • Due to device reboot (if the uptime of a device is less than 5-minutes, a discovery poll is forced).

Scheduled discovery polls are applied to devices by category.

Updated on April 9, 2020

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