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How to Add a Method to an Action

See Action Groups for more information about methods and actions.

If you’re following the action group wizard, skip to step 4.

To add a method to an action:

1. From the OmniCenter main menu, select Administration → Alerts → Actions to open the open the Actions Administration page.

The Actions Administration page.

2. Find the action group that contains the specific action to which you would like to add a method.

3. In its ACTIONS column, click the add method button to open the Add Method page.

This “Customer Service” action group contains one action, “Ops,” with two methods: Email and Mobile. Click the button shown in the red box above to add a new method to the “Ops” action.

4. On the Add Method page:

The Add Method dialog.
  1. In the ACTION METHOD TYPE field, select the type of method you would like to add.
    • The remaining fields will change depending on the method type selected.
  2. In the NOTIFY HOURS field, select the preconfigured time frame during which this method is allowed to run.
    • Whenever this action group is run, this method will only execute if the run time falls within the time frame selected (other methods contained in this action will only execute in their selected time frames). This allows you a great deal of flexibility in managing when methods are executed.
  3. Click the Add Method button.

Your new method is added to the action and you are returned to the Actions Administration page. You can add as many methods to an action as you want.

Updated on May 10, 2019

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