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How to Add a Service Check to a Device Template

See, How to Edit a Device Template to see how to open the device template editing page.

Once you’ve navigated to the device template editing page, in the “Service Checks” section of the “Template Components” panel, click the add service check button to open the service check selection page.

Click the plus button to add a new service check to a device template.

On the page that follows:

The service check selection dialog. Select a category, then select a check from that category.
  1. In the SERVICE CHECK CATEGORY field, select the category containing the desired type of service check.
  2. In the SERVICE CHECK field, select the specific service check to be added to the device template.
  3. Click the Select Service Check button to open the service check edit page.

On the page that follows:

The service check configuration dialog. Here you can configure the check itself, along with its alarm and action group settings.
  1. The top section is where you will configure the check itself. Enter the appropriate values to configure the check behavior. (The diversity of command parameters in service checks makes their configuration beyond the scope of this tutorial. Refer to the Service Check Reference category for descriptions of service check command parameters. Please contact a Netreo support engineer if you need assistance.)
  2. In the DESCRIPTION field, enter a descriptive name for this check. (Since a device can have many of the same type of service checks assigned to it, each service check must be able to be uniquely identified within a given device. OmniCenter looks at both the check configuration and the DESCRIPTION field of each check. Since multiple instances of the same kind of service check can be added to the same device, they must be unique in either their check configuration or description so that OmniCenter can tell them apart.)
  3. In the “Configuration Options” section, configure the alarm and action group settings as desired. (See the article on service checks for information about how to configure these settings.)
  4. Click the Add Template button to add the service check to your device template.

You may add as many service checks as necessary. When finished, it is not necessary to click the Update button on the main edit page. This is only required when editing authentication credentials.

If you’ve added service checks to a device template that is already applied to any devices, navigate back to the Device Templates Administration page using the arrow icon at the top left of the page and reapply your device templates.

Updated on April 5, 2019

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