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How to Create a Daily Maintenance Window

A daily maintenance window is a maintenance window that is scheduled to execute once, at a specified time, every day. This is useful for planned outages that are part of regularly scheduled maintenance.

Maintenance windows can be created by power users, administrators and super admins, but not by basic users.

The Active Maintenance Windows page, showing a scheduled maintenance window.

To create a daily maintenance window:

  1. Navigate to the Active Maintenance Windows page (Utilities → Maintenance Windows).
  2. On the Active Maintenance Windows page, click the Maintenance Window Administration button to open the Maintenance Window Schedules page.
  3. On the Maintenance Window Schedules page (see image at right) click the Create Reoccurring Maintenance Window button to open the Create New Maintenance Window page.
  4. On the Create New Maintenance Window page:

    1. Use the TYPE field drop-down selector, select the type of object(s) you would like to put in the maintenance window (a device or group of devices; or a WebART, email or service check).
      • If you selected “device” then also select a device group to filter your options for the next field.
      • If you selected “service” then also select a device group and specific device to filter your options for the next field.
    2. Using the SPECIFICALLY field drop-down selector, select the specific sub-group from the above type.
    3. Using the FREQUENCY field drop-down selector, select “Daily”.
    4. In the two fields provided next to TIME OF DAY: Click in the first field to select a start time, then click in the second field to select an end time.
      • Your maintenance window will execute every day from the start time until the end time.
      • Use the “Showing” drop-down selector to display the start and end times of the window in either local browser time or OmniCenter server time. (If your OmniCenter server is local, both options will display the same time.)
    5. Using the ENFORCE drop-down selector, select yes or no to enforce this maintenance window.
      • If you select “yes”, any devices that are placed into the device group selected for maintenance while this window is in progress will be immediately placed into maintenance with that group. This selection does not apply to single device maintenance windows or maintenance windows for WebART, email or service checks.
      • Maintenance windows using the ENFORCE feature cannot be closed early. Take this into consideration when creating your windows.
    6. In the NAME field, enter a descriptive name for this maintenance window.
      • This name will be displayed on the Maintenance Window Schedules page, and the Active Maintenance Windows page when the window is in progress.
    7. Click the Create button to save the maintenance window.

Your daily maintenance window is now added to the schedule. It will execute every day at the configured time.

The Maintenance Window Schedules page, showing a maintenance window currently in progress.
Updated on January 24, 2020

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