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How to Create a Site Device Group

To create a new site device group in OmniCenter:

From the OmniCenter main menu, select Administration → Grouping → Site to open the the Site Administration page.

On the Site Administration page, click the Add a Site button to open the New Site page.

On the New Site page:

  1. In the Site Name & Address panel, enter a name for your site along with a physical address (if possible).

    • The physical address is optional, but will allow OmniCenter to automatically geocode your site for display on any geographic map displays.
  2. In the Details panel:

    1. If desired, use the SITE TEMPLATE drop-down selector to select a device template to assign to the devices in this group at the “site” hierarchy level.
    2. If desired, use the CUSTOM MAP LINK drop-down selector to select a custom map to be displayed when the site is clicked on in a geographic map.
    3. If desired, use the CUSTOM DASHBOARD drop-down selector to select a custom dashboard to replace the default dashboard for this site when the site name is clicked on in the UI.
    4. If the devices in this site are to be polled for data using an ORP service engine, select the appropriate service engine from the drop-down menu.
    5. In the CONNECTED SITES list, select other sites to be visually connected to this site on the geographic map displays.
      • Connected sites will have lines drawn between each site on the map and display information about their connectivity.
      • Multiple selection is allowed. Select/deselect sites in the list the same way you select/deselect files in your operating system’s file manager.
    6. If you’re using IP Telephony, switch on “In Use” and “Enabled” options in the IPTEL section.
  3. In the Location Information panel:

    1. If you would like to manually specify the latitude and longitude of your site for display on the geographic map, enter those coordinates in the fields provided and switch the OVERRIDE AUTOMATIC GEOCODING setting to ON.
      • Manually specifying coordinates can be used in place of a physical address or to override the coordinates of a physical address provided.
      • If you provide a physical address and do not switch the OVERRIDE AUTOMATIC GEOCODING setting to ON, any coordinates manually entered here will be overwritten by the automatic geocoding system with the coordinates of the address provided when the site is saved.
    2. If you did not provide either a physical address or manual coordinates for your site, switch the AUTOMATICALLY SET TIMEZONE setting to OFF and manually select a timezone from the TIMEZONE SETTING drop-down to provide correct time offsets for reports related to your site. The selected timezone will be evaluated against the timezone your OmniCenter server is using.
  4. Click the Save Site button to save your site and be returned to the Site Administration page.

A message will be displayed at the top of the page indicating that your new group was successfully created.

OPTIONAL: If you wish to assign a device template to the site; click the edit icon in the Template column, select the desired device template in the pop-up dialog, and click Save. The settings from that device template will be applied to all devices in the group on the next discovery poll.

Your new site is now ready to have devices added to it. See How to Assign a Device to a Site Device Group.

Updated on February 26, 2020

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