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How to Create an Action Group

See Action Groups for more information.

To create a new action group in OmniCenter:

1. From the OmniCenter main menu, select Administration → Alerts → Actions to open the open the Actions Administration page.

The Actions Administration page.

2. At the top of the Actions Administration page, click the Add A Group button to open the Add Group page.


3. On the Add Group page:


  1. In the GROUP NAME field, enter a name for your new action group.
    • This is the name by which you will be able to select your action group in an OmniCenter check’s alarm configuration.
    • An action groups is primarily just a container for actions.
  2. In the MANUAL ALERT ACCESS LEVEL field select the lowest user access level that will be allowed to run this action group manually from within an incident, or “None” to prohibit manual execution.
  3. Click the Add Group button.
    • OmniCenter will automatically open the “Add Action” page to prompt you to add a new action to your action group.

At this point, your action group is created and added to the action group list on the Actions Administration page, but remains empty.You will automatically be taken to the Add Action page, where you can choose to click the Back to Action Administration button and return to the action group list, or continue and add an action to your action group. You can add as many action groups to OmniCenter as you want.

Updated on May 10, 2019

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