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How to Create an Aggregate Business Workflow

To create a new aggregate business workflow in OmniCenter:

From the OmniCenter main menu, select Administration → Grouping → Strategic Groups to open the the Strategic Groups Administration page.

Click the Aggregate Business Workflows button to open the Aggregate Business Workflows Administration page.

Click the Add Aggregate Business Workflow button to open the Create Aggregate Business Workflow page.

Select the workflows that you want to add to the aggregate group (select multiple entries the same way you would when using your operating system’s file browser) and click Create.

Your new aggregate business workflow group is created and you are returned to the Strategic Groups Administration page. A message will be displayed at the top of the page indicating that your new group has successfully been created.

The new aggregate group will now be displayed alongside normal business workflows anywhere that business workflows are displayed.

The business workflow dashboard widget. Note how aggregate groups are displayed separately above the normal business workflow groups.

Remember that any business workflows put into an aggregate group will then only be displayed within that group, and will no longer be displayed individually alongside the normal business workflows on a dashboard.

Click an aggregate business workflow group on a dashboard to open a pop-up dialog that displays which business workflows are included within it.

Clicking on an aggregate business workflow in a dashboard will open a pop-up dialog displaying the business workflows within it.
Updated on December 3, 2019

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