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How to Toggle Features in OmniCenter

Certain features in OmniCenter can be toggled on/off. This is useful for customizing OmniCenter for match your deployment and performance needs.

To toggle a feature in OmniCenter follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Feature Toggle page in OmniCenter (Administration → System → Feature Toggle).
  2. Locate the feature you would like to toggle by paging through the Current Features table using the navigation buttons at the bottom, or by using the search box.
    • The search box acts as a realtime filter for the feature list, and filters on both TITLE and DESCRIPTION.
  3. Click the switch in the ENABLED column to toggle the feature ON/OFF.
    1. The ENABLED column displays the current enabled status.
  4. You’re finished.
    • When a feature is toggled off, all processes related to the feature are stopped and the feature is removed from all menus and options. The only place the feature will remain visible is in this table, to allow you to toggle it back on.
Updated on September 16, 2019

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