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Import/Export Devices Page

From the main menu, select Administration → Add Device → Import to open the Import/Export Devices page.

If you have many devices to add to OmniCenter, it’s faster to import a list of devices. However, be aware that if a device on an import list is already configured in OmniCenter, the settings in the import list will overwrite the current OmniCenter settings. Additionally, if a device on an import list is already configured in OmniCenter—but with a different IP address—that device will be added again as a new device, resulting in duplicates. By far, the safest method of adding devices to OmniCenter is to configure appropriate device templates and use the autodiscover feature.

The Import/Export Devices page. Click “More About File Format” to see the list of fields that must be included in your device import CSV.

Import Panel
Select your existing CSV file using the Browse button. Currently, Update Data is the only import method available. This process will update any devices in the CSV that are already present in OmniCenter, and add any new devices that aren’t to the device list. Check the Run Autoconfiguration Rules option to autoconfigure the newly added devices using the autoconfiguration parameters rulesets. Click the Import Now button to begin the import process (the process may take a while depending on the size of the list). Once the process is complete, you will be provided with a report detailing the results.

OmniCenter will import comma-separated value (CSV) files only. To download a sample CSV file, click the Download Sample button in the Import panel.

Export Panel
To export the current configuration of your devices as a CSV file, click the Download Current Configuration button in the “Export” panel.

More About File Format Panel
This panel expands to a table of the options that must be included in your CSV file for a successful import into OmniCenter. You can also download a sample CSV file for use as a template (see Import above). All of the options must be included, comma-separated, in the listed order, on a single line per device, with a carriage return at the end of each line. Optional fields may be left blank, but the commas must still be included. The fields NameIPCategory, and Type are all required.

Updated on April 9, 2020

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