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To connect to the OmniCenter web interface, open a web browser and enter the address assigned to your OmniCenter appliance. The dialog shows the IP address of the OmniCenter appliance you are about to log into beneath the OmniCenter logo. Help is available by clicking the “I Need Help” link below the Log In button.

The login dialog for OmniCenter. Note the unauthenticated pages link near the bottom.

Enter the username and password for the account you would like to log in under. If you are logging in for the first time as the primary administrator, the login defaults are:

Username: administrator
Password: administrator

When you log in as administrator for the first time you will be prompted to change your password. Do not lose this password!

Once your login has been accepted, you will be taken to the home page. If you have not changed the default dashboard for the user in User Preferences, it will show the Consolidated Dashboard.

When you’re ready to logout, click the user menu icon on the right side of the menu bar and select Sign out as shown below.


Updated on April 9, 2020

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