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OmniCenter’s multi-device “Looking Glass” is a tool that allows you to remotely execute commands on CLI-enabled devices (such as routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers) using a system similar to the Config Manager configuration push tool. The primary difference is that the Looking Glass tool is designed to allow an administrator to predefine the commands that are available and make them available to users of any access level.

From the main menu, select Utilities → Looking Glass to open the Looking Glass device selection dialog.

Looking Glass functionality is compatible with any device that uses SSH or Telnet and provides a command-line interface (CLI). It will not work with devices that require menu navigation instead of sending commands.

Looking Glass can run in parallel on multiple devices at once to save time.

For a single Windows device, a WMI-based Looking Glass is available from the device administration dashboard. It can be found in the “Details” section of the Main tab, in the Actions drop-down menu. This tool is also compatible with WinRM.

To enable Looking Glass for a given device type, edit the device type in Administration → Change Devices → Edit Pollers and make sure the “Looking Glass” switch is enabled.

To define the commands that are available, select Administration → Tools → Looking Glass. You can enter commands and select which device type(s) they can be used with, and if the command must be executed from “Enabled” mode.

Updated on May 15, 2019

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