Maintenance Window

Maintenance windows provide a way for managed devices to be taken offline for maintenance work without causing incidents to be opened in OmniCenter due to their downed state.

While a device is in a maintenance window, any alarms generated by that device are prevented from opening incidents. (This means that no alert notifications are sent, since there is no incident to initiate them.) Additionally, any downtime that occurs within the maintenance window is subtracted from the total possible uptime for the device. Therefore, a device that was down for four hours in one week, but only within maintenance windows, would still show 100% uptime for that week. However, if a device is still down when a maintenance window ends, any currently active alarms will again be allowed to open incidents as normal.

Devices in maintenance windows are clearly identified in dashboards. Instead of any status indicators, the device will show as “in maintenance” and display the maintenance icon next to its name.

Viewing Maintenance Windows

To view any currently active maintenance windows, go to the main menu and select Utilities → Maintenance Windows to navigate to the Active Maintenance Windows page. (This page only shows maintenance windows that are currently running. Scheduled maintenance windows are not shown here.)

Creating Maintenance Windows

Any user may create a one-time maintenance window for a single, specific device on the Overview tab of the device dashboard for that device. Additionally, users with the Power User, Admin or SuperAdmin permissions level may create scheduled, recurring maintenance windows for groups of devices on the Maintenance Window Schedules page.

While configuring a recurring maintenance window, that window can be set to “enforced.” This means that any devices that are placed into the device group selected for maintenance while this window is in progress will be immediately placed into maintenance with that group. (This does not apply to maintenance windows for WebART, email or service checks.) Maintenance windows using the enforce feature cannot be closed early—take this into consideration when creating your windows.

When scheduling maintenance windows, be sure not to create overlapping maintenance windows that contain the same device (or device groups). As this can cause unpredictable behavior.

Maintenance windows may also be created and managed through the Maintenance Window API.

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Updated on February 12, 2020

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