Managed Devices

A “device” is the basic unit of licensing and monitoring in OmniCenter. It is any single logical entity or operating system, such as a VM guest, VM host, single switch or “stack” of switches managed as a single entity. When devices are added to OmniCenter for monitoring, they are then said to become “managed devices.” Managed devices consume device licenses in your OmniCenter license allotment until all licenses are used. At that point, no additional devices may be added to OmniCenter.

Managed devices that are assigned a special “Ping-Only” device type consume the less-expensive “Lite” device license. These devices consume Lite licenses in your OmniCenter license allotment until all Lite licenses are completely consumed. At that point, any additional Ping-Only devices will consume full-priced device licenses until more Lite licenses are purchased and added to your license allotment. (See Licensing in OmniCenter for more information about Lite licenses.)

Updated on December 6, 2019

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