MSSQL Monitoring

The “Performance” tab of the Device Dashboard for a Windows SQL server showing collected MSSQL stats.

Once the “Microsoft SQL Server Module” subtype is applied to a device, OmniCenter will automatically begin polling data via WMI (as long as you have already provided valid WMI credentials). The data collected by OmniCenter from MSSQL servers are written to round-robin databases (RRDs) for efficient long-term storage. See the entry for the Device Dashboard (Performance tab) for more information on how OmniCenter displays the collected data.

Stat Description
Transactions Number of transactions being performed per second.
Total Server Memory The amount of memory SQL currently has allocated to the buffer pool.
Target Server Memory The (potential) amount of memory that SQL is willing to allocate to the buffer pool under its current load.
Repl Trans Rate Replication transaction rate (replicated transactions/sec.).
Repl Pending Xacts Number of pending replication transactions in the database.
Page Life Expectancy Number of seconds a page will stay in the buffer pool without references.
Number of User Connections Number of different users that were connected to SQL Server at the time the sample was taken.
Number of Recompilations Number of statement recompiles per second.
Number of Page Reads Indicates the number of physical database page reads that are issued per second. This statistic displays the total number of physical page reads across all databases.
Number of Deadlocks Number of lock requests per second that resulted in a deadlock.
Number of Compilations Number of SQL compilations per second.
Number of Log Flushes Number of times per second the log cache is flushed to disk.
Number of Lock Waits Number of times per second that SQL Server is not able to retain a lock right away for a resource.
Number of Lazy Writes Number of times per second SQL Server relocates dirty pages from buffer pool to disk.
Number of Full Scans Number of unrestricted full scans per second. These can be either base-table or full-index scans.
Number of Free List Stalls Number of requests per second that had to wait for a free page.
Memory Grants Pending The total number of processes waiting for a workspace memory grant.
Lock Wait Time Total wait time (in milliseconds) for locks in the last second.
Bytes of Log Flushes Total number of log bytes flushed.
Always On Transaction Delay Delay in waiting for unterminated commit acknowledgement, in milliseconds.
Always On Sends to Replica Bytes Number of bytes sent to the remote availability replica per second.
Always On Sends to Replica Number of AlwaysOn messages sent to this availability replica per second.
Active Transactions Number of active update transactions for the database.
Updated on April 2, 2019

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