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OmniCenter Update Page

This page is where your OmniCenter can be updated to the latest minor and maintenance version releases and upgraded to a newer major version release See the Updates History and Release Notes page for more information on the different release types.

Each time this page is loaded (if your OmniCenter is connected to the Internet), OmniCenter checks the Netreo update servers to determine if a newer version is available. Otherwise, it simply displays your current version.

Information on port requirements for accessing the online updates appears at the top of the page.

Page Features

Offline Update

At the top of the page, under the information on port requirements for accessing the online updates, is a small message “Click Here to update from a local package file.” By clicking the hyperlink in the message, a file browser widget will appear beneath the message allowing you to upload an update package file to OmniCenter from a local location. OmniCenter can then be updated using this local package file.

Update package files will soon be available on the Updates History and Release Notes page for download. Until then, please contact a Netreo support engineer to be supplied with an update package appropriate for your OmniCenter.

Automatic Updates Switch

This switch controls whether or not OmniCenter will automatically update itself to the latest maintenance release. See How to Turn On Automatic Updates for OmniCenter.

Version and Update Status Message

The blue message area displays your current OmniCenter version and indicates if any updates are available from the Netreo update servers.

If an update is available, the message will ask if you want to proceed with the update. Click the Yes button to update OmniCenter.

Updated on September 18, 2019

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