Oracle Monitoring

Once the “Oracle Database” subtype is applied to a device, OmniCenter will automatically begin polling data (as long as you have already provided valid credentials). The data collected by OmniCenter from Oracle servers are written to round-robin databases (RRDs) for efficient long-term storage. See the entry for the Device Dashboard (Performance tab) for more information on how OmniCenter displays the collected data.

The “Performance” tab of the Device Dashboard for an Oracle database server showing collected Oracle stats.

OmniCenter collects the following statistics from Oracle servers:

Count Sessions
DB Block Buffer Cache Miss Ratio
Dictionary Cache Miss Ratio
Disk Sort Ratio
Dispatcher Workload
Latch Miss Ratio
Library Cache Miss Ratio
Number of Locked Objects
Number of Sessions Blocked Longer Than A Minute
Redo Buffer Allocation Entries and Retries Ratio
Rollback Segment Waits
Tablespace Usage
Updated on May 15, 2019

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