Object Type: Service Check

Service Check Category: Web Checks

Passive: No

Description: Using a POST request, this check queries a specified API using the specified parameter values to make sure the API is responding as expected and not experiencing any issues. Any returned result that is not an HTTP status code of 200 will cause the check to enter a CRITICAL alarm state.

Enter the URI used after the domain address. This is added to the device’s IP address to make the call.

Enter a key/value pair used to make a typical request to the API. This must be formatted as a JSON dictionary, but it should be a key/value pair form.

(Required) This field specifies a name for this check. The name entered must be unique among service check names on the host it is added to (the name may used again only on a different host). It is used to identify this specific check from among other service checks added to the same host.

Updated on January 24, 2020

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